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Our Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Not all vinegars are equal

Though technologies have changed through the ages, the fundamentals required to produce the finest vinegars remain the same. A good vinegar comes with age…..

We use a certified organic vinegar that was made using the Orleans process that allows for the most full-bodied and nutrient-rich vinegars. This handcrafted rare artisan technique originated nearly 200 years ago in France and requires the following three criteria:

  1. The selection of excellent apples that have a delicate and heritage flavour
  2. A natural transformation of the cider into vinegar; oak barrels are partially filled with cider and select bacteria are keep at a constant temperature and in complete darkness.
  3. Traditional aging; the vinegar is left to mature or age (the same way as good wine) for a minimum of 12 months further in large wooden barrels.

The philosophy

The philosophy, simple and slow, created with time and care through this historical process. Unlike most modern vinegar making, which is based on rapid, forced fermentation the Orleans technique requires the vinegar to be fermented naturally, then laid to rest in traditional oak barrels. Once the cider has been completely converted to vinegar, it is then transfered into another oak barrel to be further aged to perfection.

As a consequence of this extensive process, the taste of this vinegar is described as bright, smooth and fruity.

The vinegars are raw, unfiltered and contain the “mother” which provides many great probiotic benefits.

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